A Business and
Map Browser
for the Nokia N900

What is Map Buddy?

Map Buddy is a map browser with mobility in mind. With its finger friendly user interface, Map Buddy is easy to use and does not require the stylus. It also takes less than 35 seconds to display a map: more precisely it takes 4 seconds to start and be ready.

Use it to:

  • Browse maps (data from OpenStreetMap),
  • Find your location in one click using the built-in GPS,
  • Loop up for a place (data provided by Geonames.org),
  • Search the map for businesses (data provided by Praized Media).
  • Display the business address and phone number
  • Call the business in one click from the detail window


Your current location is reprenseted by a blue marble on the map. To quickly get to it, tap the first icon on the bottom left of the screen. The map will be recentered on your current location.

To zoom in, you can double tap on the map. You can also use the + button on top of the Nokia N900. To zoom out, you have to use the - button on top of the phone.

To search for a place, enter the name of the place in the search box. A popup with the list of corresponding places will open. Select the one you want and you will be redirected to this place.

To search for a business, first change the search mode. To do so, tap once on the magnifying glass in the search box. Then select "Merchants, restaurants or businesses" from the proposed choices. You can now enter the name or keywords associated with what you are looking for.

Businesses will be presented on the map with red marbles. To get the name of a merchant, tap once on the marble and the name will be displayed on its right. To get this merchant complete information, tap once on its name. A new window will open and display the merchant address, phone number and website if available. You can even call directly using the Call button.

The trash can icon will clear the search field and clear the map from previous search results.

To change the map, tap your finger on the change map button (second from the bottom left). You will be proposed with a list of the available maps. Tap on the one you want to see.

When you quit Map Buddy, it will save your current location, current map, currrent zoom level and search mode.

Business Results

Business search is powered by Praized Media's API. Unfortunately, they only have strong data sets for United States and Canada. Until they find a partner in Europe (due in 2010) or other parts of the world, you can still submit businesses for them to include in the search results.

Map Buddy only use their business listing capabilities so far but Praized also offer user ratings and comments for each business.