Map Buddy is free software available under the GNU Library Public License. You can help improving it in several ways.


You can get the source code to Map Buddy from the download page.


Map Buddy is ready to be translated. Follow the instructions on GNOME's wiki and send using our Transifex page.


Map Buddy depends on:

  • DBus
  • Gtk+
  • Hildon
  • Clutter 1.0
  • libchamplain 1.4
  • librest
  • liblocation

Bug reporting

Bugs can be reported to Pierre-Luc Beaudoin.

Known Issues

  • Corrupted squares are visible on tiles loaded from cache.
  • The application does not request for Internet connectivity to load tiles.

Get in touch with the team

Map Buddy developers hang out on #champlain on the Freenode IRC network.